buddha Chenrezig Love on Every Breath Tonglen

A meditation for transforming pain into joy

Step 1: Resting in open awareness

Sit comfortably to meditate, together with your again upright. Have your eyes open and barely downcast.

Let go of ideas of the previous, present, and future. When thoughts arise again, let go of them, many times.

Be a part of your consideration together with your breath. Deliver your attention inward and really feel the sensations in your body. Let yourself come absolutely into contact with yourself, together with your body and your emotions.

Don’t speculate about what’s. Simply open to watch, really feel and join with what is manifesting within the moment. As you proceed to attach, breathe into your experience and let your mind settle. Relaxation in consciousness, openness and sensation inseparable.

Whenever you’re prepared, permit your awareness to progressively radiate out to include your complete body and what is present around you. Let go into openness.

Let the thoughts be just like the sky. Perceptions and ideas, like birds, don’t disturb the sky. The sky doesn’t chase after or decide them. They merely are there, and then they’re gone.

Let every little thing be; let the mind rest comfortable in openness. Hold consciously respiration into your experience and enjoyable, preserving your thoughts comfy, open and resting in the vividness of your expertise.

Right now, when our human family is dealing with many challenges, it’s extra necessary than ever that we discover peace and sustenance in our hearts. In the new ebook Love on Each Breath: Tonglen Meditation for Transforming Pain into Joy, writer Lama Palden Drolma introduces a profound, historic meditation that has been practiced in remoted mountain retreats in the Himalayas for centuries, which is now out there to the fashionable world.

In the standard Tonglen, the meditator merely breathes within the struggling of others and then breathes out love and compassion to them, however this strategy doesn’t all the time work properly for Westerners, who typically find it troublesome to get previous the ego’s roadblocks. That is why Lama Palden prefers to show the extra user-friendly “Love on Every Breath” variation to Westerners, which comes from the Shangpa lineage of two enlightened ladies.

We hope you’ll take pleasure in this excerpt from the guide, which outlines the eight steps of the Love on Every Breath meditation.

Step 2: Looking for refuge in woke up sanctuary

Buddha floating on clouds beside snowy mountains

Call upon the Buddha, the Dharma and the Noble Sangha. See them appear within the sky in front of you. Ask for their help, steerage and awakened transmission.

Open to their presence, and picture them responding to you with their great love and knowledge. Regularly, you’ll come to truly find sanctuary in their help, knowledge and love.

Chant this refuge prayer three or seven occasions:

Till awakening I take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Noble Sangha,
By the benefit of my acts of generosity and other awakening qualities,
Might I attain full awakening for the good thing about all beings.

Or, if you wish, for the complete Vajrayana version, in addition to the above, also call upon the gurus, the yidams, the dakas, the dakinis and the protectors, and chant the next prayer:

I’m going for refuge to the fantastic holy gurus.
I’m going for refuge to the buddhas, the transcendent conquerors.
I’m going for refuge to the sacred Dharma.
I’m going for refuge to the Noble Sangha.
I’m going for refuge to the meeting of dakas, dakinis, Dharma protectors and guardians, all who possess the eye of woke up consciousness.

The enlightened beings dissolve into you. You grow to be inseparable from them. Really feel their blessing. Then let go and relaxation once more in formlessness.

Step three: Cultivating awakened mind

Set the feeling and intention that you simply’re not simply partaking in this meditation for yourself, however somewhat on behalf of, and for the good thing about, all sentient beings.

Contemplate the struggling that each one beings expertise and the fact that awakening is what sets beings free and brings them lasting happiness and peace. Make your intention of awakening to profit others and assist cause them to genuine freedom, joy and peace.

Then chant this prayer (which can also be chanted in Step 2):

Until awakening I take refuge within the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Noble Sangha,
By the benefit of my acts of generosity and other awakening qualities,
Might I attain full awakening for the good thing about all beings.

Or chant the next prayer:

Simply because the buddhas of the previous aroused their altruistic awakened mind and applied themselves step-by-step to the training of a bodhisattva, so, too, as a way to serve beings, I arouse my bodhicitta motivation and can pursue the coaching step-by-step.

Step 4: Stepping into love

Name upon and picture Chenrezig above your head. Aspire and pray to completely embody love and compassion for your self and all beings and function a car for healing.

In reply to your heartfelt aspirations, Chenrezig dissolves into mild and into you. Really feel that you’re now inseparable from awakened body, speech and thoughts, and especially from the love of this Bodhisattva of Compassion, who embodies the love of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas. You then appear in the form of Chenrezig, a physique of light.

Inside your coronary heart chakra is a crystal vajra of light—the essence of indestructible pure being, woke up love. If you wish, broaden this visualization to incorporate a small Chenrezig sitting on a lotus and moon seat in your coronary heart, and inside Chenrezig’s coronary heart is the crystal vajra of light. Contemplate the suffering of all beings, and engender compassion for everyone, together with your self.

From the vajra, radiate love within the type of five-coloured mild to all beings and to your atypical self. If you wish, chant, out loud or silently, the powerful mantra “Om mani padme hum.”

Chant so long as you want, but traditionally in Buddhism, chanting 3, 7, 21, or 108 occasions is taken into account auspicious.

Step 5: Taking and sending for your self

Statue of Chenrezig, Bodhisattva of Compassion

To start, think about your self as Chenrezig, enlightened being, the union of all awakened love and compassion, and in your heart chakra, think about a vajra of crystal mild that is the essence of awakened love and wisdom.

In case you like, you may even see the vajra inside a tiny Chenrezig’s heart. As many occasions as you would like, chant the mantra “Om mani padme hum.”

When this
is completed, think about your atypical human self sitting in entrance of and dealing with you.

Get in touch with any facet of your suffering and open to loving-kindness and compassion for your self. Work by means of any issues that arise, reminiscent of unworthiness. See your struggling as black smoke, and breathe it into your coronary heart chakra.

As soon because the smoke touches the vajra, let a lightning bolt of sensible white mild rework the suffering into woke up love, compassion and healing power. Breathe out this white mild, awakened love, into your self sitting in entrance of you.

Repeat this course of many times, synchronizing the meditation together with your breath. Think about your abnormal self filling with white mild, which is woke up love. This mild alleviates struggling and brings about awakening. Think about your self turning into progressively healed, illuminated and awakened.

Sometimes restabilize the sense of yourself as woke up presence, as the woke up Bodhisattva of Compassion inseparable from the presence, knowledge and love of all the enlightened ones.

One choice, if you want, is to switch the meditation like this: After getting in touch with one facet of your struggling, think about all of the people who endure with the identical or an identical affliction. For instance, assume: Oh, identical to me, many people endure from headaches! By my suffering this headache, might all these suffering from headaches be free of this pain.

Then think about all these individuals in front of you, surrounding your abnormal self. Imagine your personal and everyone’s struggling as black smoke, and picture that your personal and everybody’s struggling, simultaneously and directly, is reworked by the vajra.

Step 6: Taking and sending for others

To begin, imagine yourself as Chenrezig, enlightened being, the union of all woke up love and compassion, and in your heart chakra, think about a vajra of crystal mild that’s the essence of woke up love and wisdom.

In case you like, you may even see the vajra inside a tiny Chenrezig’s heart. As many occasions as you would like, chant the mantra “Om mani padme hum.”

this is executed, see the individual or individuals in entrance of you whom you need to work
with. Ponder their struggling and open to really feel loving-kindness and
compassion for them.

Synchronize this visualization together with your breath: On the in-breath, breathe in their struggling as black smoke, and see it instantaneously, spontaneously reworked by the lightning bolt emanating from the vajra. This transforms their suffering into white mild, woke up compassion, love and therapeutic power.

Breathe out this mild into the individual or individuals in front of you. Repeat this visualization till you see them filling with mild, being healed, comfortable and woke up.

restabilize the sense of yourself as woke up presence, as the woke up
Bodhisattva of Compassion inseparable from knowledge and love. For those who like, repeat
the mantra “Om mani padme hum” for a

Steadily prolong your Love on Each Breath meditation to incorporate all beings, imagining them in front of you. Lastly, imagine everyone full of white mild, healed, liberated and utterly woke up. Rest on this.

Step 7: Dissolving

yourself as Chenrezig dissolve into the vajra in your heart. The vajra shines
much more brilliantly. Then let the vajra dissolve from the highest and bottom into
some extent of sensible white mild. Then this drop of sunshine dissolves into area,
into formlessness.

Let go
of all ideas, all conceptuality, all sense of a reference level. Let go into
open awareness and relaxation right there. Rest in consciousness naturally, your mind
inseparable from area, from openness. Rest like this for a number of moments or as
long as you want.

Step 8: Dedicating

People holding and raising hands

Reappear as Chenrezig. This creates auspicious interdependent connections for you to awaken and profit many beings.

Dedicate any and all advantage of your meditation to the happiness and liberation of all beings. Use your personal wording, or use one or each of these two conventional prayers:

By way of this goodness might awakening spontaneously arise in our streams of being,
Might all obscurations and distortions fall away.
Might all beings be liberated from the stormy waves of delivery, previous age, sickness and demise.


For the good thing about beings without exception,
I dedicate without any reticence in any way,
All of the benefit accrued by way of numerous virtuous acts,
To the incomparable expanse of totality.

Front cover of Love on Every BreathLama Palden Drolma is the writer of Love on Every Breath. A licensed psychotherapist, religious instructor and coach, she has studied Buddhism in the Himalayas with a few of the most pre-eminent Tibetan masters of the 20th century. Following a standard three-year retreat underneath his steerage, Kalu Rinpoche approved her to turn out to be one of many first Western lamas. She subsequently founded the Sukhasiddhi Foundation, a Tibetan Buddhist educating middle in Fairfax, California. Visit her online at www.lamapalden.org.

Excerpted from the e-book Love on Each Breath. Copyright ©2019 by Lama Palden Drolma. Printed with permission from New World Library—www.newworldlibrary.com.

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