An explosive show for a July 4 week

July 1’s Monday Night time Raw obtained off to an explosive start between Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley. Later, the Kanellises received bizarre and the Good Brothers play matchmaker.

WWE doesn’t have a lot of time to cover a entire lot of floor, with solely three weeks separating pay-per-views. We’re now two weeks away from Excessive Guidelines and the card needs to start out taking form. This week’s version of Monday Night time Uncooked did the requisite quantity of labor to put over the subsequent huge event.

The July 1 iteration of the pink model’s (should you can call it that; every part seems purple, and never in a 205 Reside type of method — unfortunately) opened right into a match, with Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman’s “who really is the strongest?” feud rolling on. After arm wrestling and tug-of-war, they are now set for a falls rely anyplace match.

Notable …

Earlier than the match starts, we’re treated to this picture:

Road Income on Uncooked tonight?

Match No. 1: Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman

The announce staff needs to make it clear that Lashley and Strowman actually, actually might struggle literally anyplace within the city of Dallas in this bout, which is all the time a good put-over for the falls rely anyplace stipulation however doesn’t happen almost typically sufficient.

Issues get bodily — nay, violent — shortly as the two take it outdoors of the ring almost instantly.

Things head via the gang. It’s all very on-character for two big, robust men who need to show they’re the strongest big men within the WWE. It is also a correct use of Lashley: all muscular tissues and meanness, little unnecessary dialogue.

The violence escalates — every little thing feels very similar to Paul Heyman is already operating the show — after which it culminates in a big crash by means of the LED board replete with dozens of explosions and announcer Corey Graves, saying, uncensored “holy s–t!” The gang completely erupts.

A flurry of emergency personnel attain the carnage and cameras linger before going to the first business break. Wow. After the break, followers are audibly chanting “Thank you Heyman!” If this actually is the Heyman-Eric Bischoff period, that was definitely a sharp change in course. How’s the rest of the night time going to stack up?

Lashley and Strowman exit in ambulances. Commentary sells it with serious-voices. The Titan-Tron is out of service — for roughly five minutes.

Match No. 2: The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

After a break, Huge E and Xavier Woods of The New Day face The Viking Raiders. The Viking Raiders take management of Huge E early.

As E tried to succeed in Woods for a tag, Samoa Joe showed up and attacked Woods. That drew out Kofi Kingston, the WWE Champion, New Day member and Joe’s opponent at Extreme Guidelines.

We head to a break and …

Match No. 2.5: It’s a six-man tag!

The match is restarted after the break with Joe joining The Viking Raiders and Kingston teaming up together with his New Day partners. Very similar to Huge E was remoted within the two-on-two match, Woods is treated equally in the three-on-three contest.

At one point, Ivar launches himself. Kingston then hits him with a Hassle in Paradise. Joe sneaks in and places Kingston in the Coquina Clutch, which chokes Kingston out (he does not tap). Joe, predictably, holds the choke a few seconds post-bell. Kingston loses for the second time (in two weeks) after being undefeated after WrestleMania 35.

Newlywed Drake Maverick brings his spouse, Renee Michelle, to Uncooked because of Maverick’s obsession with the 24/7 Championship. Apparently, they’ll head on their honeymoon after tonight, swears Maverick.

AJ Types and The Club

AJ Types confronts Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows about again failing to win their match, final week’s towards The Vikings Raiders. The Membership level out that Types too struggled, towards Ricochet (though he did, finally, win). Anderson has guess his spouse to Gallows that Types gained’t beat Ricochet for his United States Championship. Types is gonna maintain him to that guess — but Anderson clarifies he’s not fairly critical about that. Okay. Shifting on.

No Means Jose vs. Cesaro, however not likely

In a unusual booking determination, Cesaro is about to take on No Approach Jose, however the entire conceit is just an excuse for extra 24/7 Championship shenanigans. Fact is a part of Jose’s conga line and Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle — who has advised Maverick it’s that belt or her — are ringside.

As anticipated, quite a few Superstars chase Fact out and Cesaro utterly manhandles Jose on the surface and the bell by no means tolled.

Road Income introduce themselves to WWE

Charly Caruso is backstage with the NXT Tag Staff Champions, The Road Income, who’re making their first look on Raw. They are claiming to “bring the swag back,” to Raw. And apparently, they are prepared to struggle.

Backstage with The Miz

Another backstage interview comes our means after the break, this time with The Miz, who needs his greatest to Lashley and Strowman. That leads to a simple segue about how he’s no stranger to damage — he was attacked by Elias a week prior. Miz reiterates that he regrets creating Shane “Best in the World” McMahon and his entourage of Drew McIntyre and Elias. See, Miz has a two-out-of-three falls match with Elias tonight. He warns McMahon that The Undertaker may additionally be in the home tonight.

Shane McMahon responds to The Undertaker

McMahon comes out to the ring with Drew McIntyre to deal with the shock assault on him by The Undertaker in McMahon and McIntyre’s handicap match towards Roman Reigns a week in the past. McMahon first turns his consideration to Reigns and how a lot he should have been intimidate in his match final Monday night time. He rolls that lovely beatdown footage on the ‘Tron.

McMahon then addresses The Undertaker. He admitted he was stunned last week, but that Excessive Guidelines (the place McIntyre and McMahon face Reigns and ‘Taker) will be another story. McIntyre says that while The Undertaker has a legendary legacy, he’s not afraid of the Lifeless Man. He calls out The Undertaker.

Thunder, lightning, the lights go out and come back on …

Gong …

And slowly, by way of the smoke, The Undertaker arrives.

McIntyre and McMahon escape over the barricade as Undertaker hits the ring. He clarifies that Reigns by no means came to him for assist. He’s right here because the “reaper of wayward souls,” and he’s again to collect the souls of both McIntyre and McMahon. Undertaker is sending them to Hell for eternity, thus preventing them from resting in peace, as per his wont.

Backstage, Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans call into question Seth Rollins’ and Becky Lynch’s relationship as an apparent attempt at psychology. Undertaker, in the meantime, continues to be taking his exit.

Match No. three: Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

Corbin has accompanied to the ring Evans for her match towards Natalya.

Corbin’s interference and subsequent distraction allows Evans to hit Natalya with the Ladies’s Proper and to win the match.

Match No. 4: Miz vs. Elias

We’ve got yet one more two-out-of-three falls match on our palms this week, with The Miz taking over Elias (also, yet once more, as it’s a rematch of final week’s two-out-of-three falls affair on SmackDown Stay).

Before we get to that, we have now the Good Brothers egging on Types and Ricochet and the two set up a match for Ricochet’s United States Championship for afterward tonight. The 2 men commerce slaps.

Again to the match, The Miz wastes no time attacking Elias. He gets the primary fall shortly. The second fall takes perhaps 30 seconds longer than the primary, with Elias coming out the victor there. This sends us to business break earlier than the third, deciding fall.

The Miz picks up the third fall with a Figure 4 and eventually gets a clean victory.

The Boyfriend and the Girlfriend and the Husband and the Wife

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are in a real-life relationship and WWE can’t assist however milk that reality both in referring to the Uncooked Ladies’s and Common Champions, respectively, and in storyline with their upcoming excessive rules tag match (winners-take-all, plural) towards Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin at … Extreme Guidelines.

Charly interviews Lynch and Rollins backstage. They warn each other not to lose the other’s title — for example, if Corbin pins Rollins, Evans additionally wins Lynch’s title. The 2 needle each other a bit till they’re interrupted by Maria Kanellis, who reminds them they don’t seem to be “WWE’s first couple.”

Mike and Maria Kanellis challenge Lynch and Rollins to a battle, and it’s on. Also, Maria want to remind us that she pushed an eight-pound child out of her uterus. Her words, not ours.

In the meantime, Bobby Lashley is “resting comfortably,” whereas Braun Strowman “might have suffered a ruptured spleen.

Match No. 5: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs. Mike and Maria Kanellis

What’s going on?

Anyhow, Lynch and Rollins face the Kanellises in a combined tag-team match following the backstage confrontation that felt a lot more Angle Period (not in a good way) than a lot of content material we’ve seen in a while.

Maria calls out Mike for not taking out Rollins, not mopping the ground at residence and forcing her to take on Lynch. She then claims that she’s pregnant to beg off Lynch’s assault.

Mike doesn’t perceive how Maria may be pregnant, Maria agrees and insults her husband’s manhood and Lynch faucets out Mike with the Dis-Arm-Her.

What’s going on? Every thing between Mike, Maria, Lynch and Rollins during the last 20 minutes of the show or so has been … sort of garbage. It’s the improper type of throwback phase. Burn this all with hearth.

Paul Heyman is here

Paul Heyman is here, in his Brock Lesnar advocacy position and never as a WWE artistic government. He’s threatening the potential for Lesnar in the constructing and The Road Income are pretty excited about stated risk. Heyman leaves them.

A Second of greatest associates

This week, Nikki Cross is Alexa Bliss’ guest on A Moment of Bliss and even will get referred to as Bliss’ “best friend” after Cross defeated Bayley last week, which allowed Bliss one other opportunity at Bayley’s SmackDown Ladies’s Championship at Excessive Guidelines.

Cross thanks Bliss for accepting her and taking her critically and Bliss is “moved to tears.” Bliss says, although, that this is Cross’ second. That’s, until Carmella interrupts. She wonders why Bliss and never Cross is getting the title shot, provided that Cross gained the match and all.

Carmella is the newest to warn Cross about Bliss’ poisonous friendship. Them’s preventing words, and Bliss and Carmella appear set for a battle.

Match No. 6: Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

This match lasts approximately three seconds, and Carmella wins with a roll-up. As Cole factors out, that was actually “a moment of Bliss.”

Match No. 7: Carmella vs. Nikki Cross

After the break, Cross and Carmella have a match of their own. This one lasts longer, and Cross wins with a swinging neckbreaker.

Bliss is overjoyed, however we’ve seen from miles away the place things are headed between these two, maybe post-Extreme Rules and forward of SummerSlam.

A consummation

Drake Maverick pinned R-Fact for the 24/7 Championship and now, finally, his honeymoon can begin. That ref slide, although!

Match No. 8: AJ Types vs. Ricochet

Because of the great works of the Good Brothers, Raw‘s main event pits AJ Styles against Ricochet for Ricochet’s United States Championship.

The match, at the very least in its first iteration, ends pretty shortly with Types hitting a Phenomenal Forearm for the win and making him the new champion. Nevertheless, Ricochet’s leg was beneath the underside rope, leading to a second official to return to the ring and dispute the end result.

After the break, the match has been restarted and The Club is at ringside in help for Types.

As must be expected from Ricochet and Types (and identical to we saw final week in a non-title capacity), the 2 put on a superb, entertaining match, ending with a quick mixture from Ricochet that led to the champion retaining.

The two shake palms in a sign of respect after the match, something Gallows and Anderson disagree with. Types provides The Membership what they want, beating down Ricochet. The Membership take part with a Magic Killer. Types has turned heel to shut out this week’s Monday Night time Uncooked.

So, what did you consider the brand new tone and tempo of Raw this week? What shocked you more, the exploding LED board or the airing of Mike and Maria Kanellis’ dirty laundry. Tell us your thoughts within the feedback under.

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